Updated: 24 April 2014 01:00



Wednesday 23 April 2014

today's weather

Forecast not available.

Tonight's Weather

There will be some heavy showers the west and northwest tonight, but the rest of the country will be mainly dry with good clear spells. Lowest temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees in a light southerly breeze with some mist or fog patches.



Thursday 24 April 2014

today's weather

Tomorrow, Thursday will bring a lot of dry weather with good sunny spells. However, isolated showers will develop and some could turn heavy in the west but also along the east coast. Highest temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees, mildest across the midlands, but cooler along the south and southeast in the light to moderate southerly breeze.

3 Day Outlook


Thursday night will continue mainly dry and with clear periods so again it's expected to turn cold overnight, temperatures down to between 3 and 6 degrees. Winds are expected to be mainly light and still from the east or southeast direction. However, a weather system is expected to track near the southwest and it will bring cloud and rain to west Munster overnight. After a largely dry start Friday will turn rather cloudy with the showery rain from the southwest becoming widespread across the country. Later in the day the rain will turn heavy and possibly thundery in the south and southwest. Temperatures during Friday will reach between 12 and 15 degrees as winds increase moderate to fresh from the southeast. Temperatures down again overnight to between 3 and 6 degrees as the heavy rain pushes northwards. There'll be rain or showers then to start on Saturday but it will brighten up with sunny spells interrupted by scattered showers through the day. Winds still mainly southeasterly and temperatures around normal for the time of year. The showers should die out overnight. Sunday will start out dry and bright but showers will develop again in the afternoon, some of those heavy. The winds are expected to turn more northerly in direction and a spell of persistent rain is expected to develop from the north overnight. The further outlook in to the early days of next week is for a spell of cold but still unsettled conditions as the winds become northerly for a time.